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It’s Never Too Late To Teach An Old Dog New Tricks.....Or A New Dog New Tricks!
My services are designed with you and your dog in mind and I believe in working as much with you as with your dog. I’m proud of my high success rate and the level of satisfaction my clients and their dogs, come away with every time.

Services: Welcome
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In Home Consults

Let's Talk Dog Language


If you and your dog need help with a specific behavioural issue, an In Home Behavioural Consult with Little Mischief K9 is a great option for you. From minor to major misbehaviour issues, Little Mischief K9 aims to help you and your dog overcome and live in harmony.

Issues covered but not limited to:

Leash reactivity;




Resource guarding food or toys etc;

Introducing your new member of the family to household;

Helping a new dog settle in your home;

Preparation for a new baby to arrive;

Over excitement;

Destructive behaviour;

Multi-dog Household issues;


Sessions are done at your home, one-on-one with personalised training plans designed and created to fit you and your dog’s specific needs and your lifestyle.


Little Mischief K9 Initial Walk & Work Consults are the first step to Walk & Work sessions and Wedding ready sessions.

First things first – let’s get introduced in an initial consult in your home where we will discuss any pain points from pulling on the leash to jumping up people and skills you would like your dog to learn and develop.

 Let’s Walk – During this initial consult we will go for our first walk together to see your dog in action.

 Let’s Plan - A personal Training Plan will be created for your dog and sent to you to ensure all aims of training are set ready for our walks in our Walk & Work sessions or ready for your wedding day in our Wedding Day Ready package.


Little Mischief K9 Follow Up Consults are a great one-on-one session to ensure you and your dog are still on track with training and a chance to update your training plan to further your progress.

See prices.

Discounts may apply.



More than just a walk.

Exercise For Body AND Brain.

Following an Initial Consult, Walk & Works are the best way to get your dog out and about while exercising their legs as well as their brain.
My Walk & Works are more than just a walk, they involve one-on-one sessions with your dog, helping them to understand the leash, improve focus and helping you both to enjoy every walk together.  A great option to help give you a boost in progress for your leash manners.

Skills include but not limited to:

Reducing and eliminating reactivity on the leash;

Staying calm around dogs and other distractions;

Loose leash walking with no pulling;

Improve focus;

General obedience eg. sit/drop/stay;

Coming when called;

Meeting and greeting people politely;


Walk & Works can not only help get your dog to understand the rules of the leash and get you enjoying your walks together but can also help give your training the BOOST in progress you need,  

Walk & Works are a great option to help your dog reach goals and improve their daily life.

Starting with an initial consult together to plan the best ways to help your dog on their walks, followed by pay-as-you-go sessions or a package deal.

See prices and packages for details.

Discounts may apply.


In Home Puppy Training

Help For You & Your New Little Mischief

Little Mischief K9 helps dogs of ALL ages however PUPPIES can need a little more help to get started on the right paw. Little Mischief K9 Puppy Training helps puppies from 8 weeks to 16 weeks old, over 4 one-on-one in home sessions, we ensure you and your puppy get the best start to life together. 

Little Mischief K9 Puppy Training help with the vital areas of puppy raising and training.

- Introduction to basic obedience - sit, drop, stay, come 

- Introduction to loose leash walking

- Toilet Training

- Managing the puppy phase
– Socialisation

- Meet and greets

- Environmental learning and enrichment
– Nipping/biting
– Puppy health and well being 

And lots more!

See prices & packages.

Discounts may apply


Wedding Day Chaperone

Big Day Made Complete

Your big day doesn't have to exclude your best friend. With our Wedding Chaperone you can have your Best Dog by your side without any stress. Whether it's for the ceremony, the reception or just for some beautiful photographs, Little Mischief K9 can be there to not only ensure your best dog is looking and behaving exceptional, but also to chaperone and look after throughout the day in the best qualified hands.

Wedding Day Chaperone service includes:

  • Transport your dog to and from your wedding;

  • Stop off at chosen groomers if needed;

  • Dressed up smart including any accessories chosen plus discount for collars from Little Mischief K9 Collars;

  • Looking after your dog throughout the entire day;

  • Assist with your dogs wedding role;

  • Feeding, water and walks throughout the day;

  • Toilet breaks and disposing of any waste;

  • Dinner on drop off to chosen drop off point;

  • Boarding options also available.

See Prices

Discounts may apply.


Is your dog not quite up to Wedding Day standards......?

Little Mischief K9 can develop a personalised training plan to help get your pooch ready for your big day.

Skills such as walking on leash nicely, being calm in crowds of people, staying in position for those photo opportunities or even a trick to perform on your special day. Whatever the skills needed, Little Mischief K9 is here to help.

Prices available on request.

Need something to make your Best Dog look the part....

Check out the Wedding Collection of accessories at LITTLE MISCHIEF K9 COLLARS & ACCESSORIES.

Sleeping Dogs

Boutique Stay 

**currently unavailable**

From your home to mine. Your pet will have a home away from home while staying with Little Mischief K9. My Boutique Stay ensures your dog is not only safe and sound while you are away, but has the comfort of being in a home environment and loved as part of a family giving you peace of mind knowing your best friend is being looked after to the highest of standards. 

Terms & conditions apply.

See prices.

Services: Services
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